Methadone Addiction and Treatment Clinics in Brantford 

Unfortunately, methadone addiction is a very real issue disturbing the very core of so many today. It is important to understand what addiction is first to understand how this condition is so detrimental to everyday living. Addiction is seen as a condition or disease that results in the repetitive use of a substance or activity that can become compulsive over time. There are different types of addictive behavior and addictive behaviors affect people in many different ways. Addiction can affect a person’s everyday life drastically as well as their loved ones. Of those suffering from addiction are not aware of how their behavior can spiral out of control and eventually control every aspect of their lives. For instance, there are those addicts that think they are functioning every day like everything is just fine but not realizing how their personalities, physical appearance, attitude, and everyday habits have completely changed. People use substances or engage in particular addictive activities due to certain triggers such as physical or emotional stress. But the most important thing to understand about the addiction of any kind is that addiction is not about one’s morals or judgment. Also, addiction cannot be measured by one’s need to search for or solve a specific issue within themselves either.

Even though methadone is a very helpful in treating those currently suffering from addiction to specific narcotic or opioid drugs, over time recreational use or abuse of methadone can be the possible cause of addiction; also since methadone is a long-acting drug, it can stay in the body longer helping to build a resistance which can easily lead methadone addiction. Methadone is known for being inexpensive and highly accessible compared to most other drugs, including prescription drugs, with insurance companies working harder to approve methadone rather than prescription drugs; hence easier access, leading to higher cases and possibilities of this type of addiction. Methadone is known for lasting a long time the body’s system. For instance, as far as helping with the pain-killing aspect of chronic pain, methadone can last in the body for as long as 8 hours. But depending on the dosage, methadone can last in the system anywhere from 8 to 59 hours. Yet, methadone is not seen nor in most cases recommended as an effective treatment for long-term care of chronic pain conditions. But because the painkilling effects of methadone do not last as long as the how the drug remains in the body. At the end of the day, as with any opioid/opiate drug, taking more than the recommended dosage or using methadone is a recreational capacity can bring about methadone abuse as well as the abuse of methadone.

And thank goodness there are medical facilities available to help those suffering from addiction, especially methadone addiction, all over the world. One medical facility, in particular, Grand River Pharmacy & East Brant Clinic and Water Street Pharmacy & Clinic, has been praised for their staff interaction and for their unique approach to treatment. At Grand River Pharmacy & East Brant Clinic and Water Street Pharmacy & Clinic, they specialize in treating patients dealing with opioid dependence as well as those that are suffering from substance abuse regarding mental illness as well. This particular medical facility also has an extensive maintenance treatment program for those using methadone recreationally that speaks to the specific needs of the individual in question. The testimonials speak for themselves as many patients that have had the pleasure to seek help and treatment with Grand River Pharmacy & East Brant Clinic and Water Street Pharmacy & Clinic praise the facility for treating with them with dignity and respect. Also, there was no judgment and nothing but the highest concern and regard to helping each patient overcome their substance abuse issues and addictions. Methadone abuse is a trial and a tribulation just like any other addiction. Treatment for methadone abuse requires specific treatment of medical detox with very extensive and comprehensive therapies involved. This type of addiction can also come with other conditions that must be dealt with as part of your recovery such as mental health conditions. With that being said, methadone abuse can be a catalyst for many opioid addictions, which is why finding effective treatment is imperative to your recovery and your redemption.

Methadone Addiction

How to Help a Methadone Addict