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Rehab Centers for Addiction Treatment in Burlington

If you’re looking for a place to go because you are suffering from an addiction then rehab centers are the first place to start looking. This can be for yourself or someone that you love or a friend of yours. Suffering from an addiction is not easy and watching someone go through that experience can’t be easy either for you. The first step is trying to get them help for their addiction and looking for rehab centers for them will point everyone in the right direction.

There are several different locations that you can find for yourself or for someone that you love who is suffering and you want to help them.


Habitude is located in Burlington area and is an inpatient facility. What is an inpatient facility? This is a type of facility that you or your loved one will be staying at during the time of detox and seeking the help of the addiction. They will be able to offer 24-hour care from the staff personnel. Inpatient facilities are the most immersive form of treatment for an individual — it’s allowing an individual to focus completely on their addiction and recover. It’ll be including group therapy, where you will be able to sit in a group with others that are suffering from an addiction and listen to what they have to say. Most individuals enjoy this as they are able to express how they are feeling and knowing that they are not alone in the journey they are about to face. There will be individual therapy as well if you don’t feel you can handle the group therapy and need to speak with someone privately about what you are going through. It’s all going to take steps to get to recovery and not all the time will you feel you can speak to a group and that’s why the individual therapy can be offered. Habitude provides quality of care and appropriate treatment that is tailored to fit the individual’s needs. Their holistic Bio-Psycho-Social and Spiritual approach will help engage the development and recovery of the individual, helping them become once again balanced physically and psychologically. Including with educating the individual about the addiction, they support the family and/or employer with education about the addiction which will help create a stronger support system for them.

Andy’s House Treatment Center

If an inpatient facility isn’t something that you are looking for because it’s not long enough for you due to the severity of your addiction. Another option that could be for you if your severity of your addiction is more severe than looking into a Long Term facility may be what is best for you. This type of facility will have you be living in the home for a certain amount of time during your recovery time. Andy’s House will be able to provide a Long Term facility for you or your loved one. There is a structured program that they follow in the house on a daily basis and that includes group therapy, one on one therapy (individual therapy), recreational therapy, yoga, and group outings. Andy’s House offers a 90-day live in program and comes with a two-year aftercare program for their patients with an open door policy. All their residents that have graduated from the program are allowed to come back anytime for unlimited group (or one on one) therapy sessions. Including in the program, they offer the 12-step program for the individual who has the addiction. Again, once they have graduated from the program the outpatient program will offer them the unlimited therapy sessions.

Please do not hesitate to look into rehab centers if you or a loved one that you know is suffering from an addiction. These facilities are here to help individuals get themselves back on track whether its physically, psychologically or both. No one wants to see someone they love keep suffering and if it’s regarding for yourself you don’t want to keep feeling that way either.

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