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Cambridge Rehab Centers for Addiction Treatment

Having an addiction to any substance can quickly negatively impact your relationships, work, and daily life. With millions of individuals around the world struggling with varying addictions, searching for the right rehab centers and facilities is one of the first steps to truly turning your life around for the better.

When is it Time to Seek Out Rehab Centers?

Visiting or checking into a rehab center for the first time is often daunting and keeps individuals from pursuing the help they truly need. However, if you find yourself struggling to kick a habit or steer clear from alcohol or drug use, it may be time to consider the rehab programs that are available to you. Whenever a substance is interferring with various aspects of your life (whether financial, with relationships, or with your work performance), it is likely you are in need of assistance to get back on track and to regain the control you desire for the future you envision for yourself.

Some common signs of withdrawal from most substances that should be monitored include:

-Shakiness, shivering, fevers

-Irritability and increased mood swings (often resulting in anger and rage)

-Insatiable cravings for substances

-Inability to focus and “cloudy” memory

-Social withdrawal as well as withdrawal from everyday activities and hobbies

-Joint aches and muscle pain

-Gastrointestinal responses (constipation and diahhrea)

-Uncontrollable sweating

-Constant thinking about where to get more of the substance you are using

-Carelessness and increased impulsive behavior (leading to negative consequences in work, finances, and with relationships long-term)

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab Programs

There are many benefits of inpatient rehab programs that help patients to truly free themselves from the use of substances, even if they have been addicted for years or even decades in the past. Inpatient rehab programs assist with emotional and mental support while guiding you through the process of detoxing to rid physical withdrawal symptoms you experience.

Lift the Burden of Addiction

Lifting the burden of your addiction is a key factor in a long-lasting and healthy recovery. By meeting with counselors and participating in group sessions, learn to empathize with others without feeling so alone in your battle to become sober. By sharing open and honestly with other individuals who are going through addiction it is much easier to face the challenges that have been keeping you from getting clean in the past. The more emotionally available you are when discussing your downfalls due to an addiction, the easier it becomes when setting a plan in place to move forward with positive changes.

Integrate Daily Routines

Inpatient programs not only focus on counseling and therapy, but also establishing healthy lifestyle habits that ultimately help to rebuild lives of those who have faced addictions. By having a strict daily routine set in place with the rehab program you have chosen, avoid allowing your mind to wander and feel “bored”, keeping you from wanting to use substances again. Daily routines allow individuals to feel focused with a sense of accomplishment as each day ends, rather than longing to use drugs or alcohol as a form of escapism.

Focus on the Future You Envision for Yourself

Focusing on your future is also essential whenever you are getting sober, regardless of how extreme your addictions may have been in the past. With an inpatient program, classes, physical activities, and new hobbies are available to try, providing education and self-confidence through the process of detoxing. Learning to enjoy other hobbies while picking up new skills is a way to increase self-esteem and self-worth before heading back out into the real world once you have completed your program.

Outpatient Services for Addiction

Outpatient services do not require individuals to live within a rehab clinic, but they often require attendance to meetings and gatherings throughout the duration of the program you choose. Attending sobriety meetings is a way to share the trials and tribulations you have faced each day or each week that you remain sober. Sharing in discussions with others is a way to feel less alone without the risk of being judged o shamed. By having a safe atmosphere available to you while getting sober it is much easier to open up and to allow others to hear your honest struggles and challenges. Venting and sharing what you are going through is therapeutic and cathartic to many, allowing them to move forward from their addiction rather than allowing it to have complete control over their lives.

While not all rehab options may be suitable for you, it is important to understand all of the options you have available prior to selecting an inpatient program or an outpatient service that meets your needs. With the right amount of support, education, and guidance, it is possible for anyone to overcome an addiction, no matter how severe.


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