Alcoholics Anonymous Center in Guelph

Changing Lives for the Better: Alcoholics Anonymous

Everyone knows someone, be it a friend or loved one who loves to drink just a little above the limit of a “fun time”. If anything, it appears to be on the borders of alcoholism.

Alcoholism is an issue that affects and has already destroyed many households. From being a cause of abusive relationships to leading to theft within the house to fuel the habit of drinking, alcoholism has torn lives apart and only continues to do so as people seek to find stronger versions of alcohol for consumption. People turn to alcohol to relieve stress or find temporary relief and overcome anxiety issues since alcohol decreases a person’s inhibitions and make them feel more comfortable. As the effect wears off, they return to the bottle to chase that feeling which can spiral into drinking problems and addictive behaviors.

This leads to negative impacts on the body such as mental issues of poor reflexes and decreased brain activity, and physical and internal damage to necessary organs such as the liver, eyes, brain and heart. Alcoholism is also linked to an increased risk of cancer among individuals.

Lots of people suffer with this issue; one that few people actively seek intervention for. But whether they’re doing it for themselves or someone has decided to step in on behalf of their loved one, it brings to attention the usefulness of Alcoholics Anonymous Clinics.

These are brought about by a desire to see a change in the lives of people all over who have been affected by alcohol and to hopefully bring positive effects to the communities.

The Alcoholics Anonymous Clinics in Guelph are no different. A fellowship of individuals with the goal in mind to help men and women achieve sobriety, this group has daily meetings to help people address their possible drinking problem through open or closed discussions where they are free to discuss what may be on their mind.

In open meetings, both alcoholics and other substance dependent persons are allowed to attend to understand what Alcoholics Anonymous is all about. People are given the chance to tell their stories where they explain their life as an alcoholic, how they came to find Alcoholics Anonymous, and how their lives have changed as a result. Discussion meetings are held to allow one member to give their personal story and the rest of the members talk about recovery and other alcohol related topics.

Closed meetings are more private and are for alcoholics or those who are suspected of having a drinking problem only. There will always be those who are apprehensive of sharing their life story with quite possibly a collection of strangers or, even scarier, people they may know personally, but these meetings are held with utmost confidentiality as their name implies. Alcoholics Anonymous allows people to speak about their problems in a safe and welcoming environment whose goal is to help them not only obtain sobriety but also learn to appreciate a life without alcohol.

If you or someone you know may have a drinking problem that may need assistance, then Alcoholics Anonymous Clinics are a safe bet to get the help needed. With no imposed fees or requirements other than a desire to stop drinking, attending a meeting is a step in the right direction to recovery.

It is never really too late to try to put an end to the addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous never forces anyone to quit drinking immediately; they are simply there as an encouragement in the walk to sobriety. They can be contacted any time, any day as long as you’re willing to take that step towards a new life.