Narcotics Anonymous Center in Mississauga

You might not know what to do. You or your loved one is experiencing a desire to get better. You already know what the issue has been. You might even know how to fix the issue, but addiction is a chemical issue that needs something more than just a desire for change. You need a place to get the added help to beat the addiction. You need a person to help guide you through the hard part and follow up with you to make sure you are staying on the right path. Narcotics Anonymous Center in Mississauga can be that place to help you or your loved one reach their point of healing and recovery from narcotics. Admitting that you or your loved one needs help is the first step on the path to recovery.

The Narcotics Anonymous Center in Mississauga is a place for those that live in the Ontario region. There are several services offered to the center. The support helps the person who is seeking support and the people that support them.


– Monday nights at 8 PM for the support recovery group. It meets at St. Stephan’s at 998 Indian Hill. You can call 888-811-3887 if you have more specific questions.

– Tuesday nights they meet at 8 PM at Meadowvale Christian Reformed Church. It is located at 2630 InLake CT. Make sure to use the back entrance.

– There are no Wednesday meetings.

– Thursday meetings are held at Meadowvale Community Christian Church that is located at 2630 Inlake CT. You have to use the back entrance to get in.

– Friday meetings are at the same time as the other. The meeting is held at the Trinity Anglican Church. The church is located at 26 Stavebank RD North. The only way in is on the side of the building.

The group meetings are part of the Narcotics Anonymous program. It is open to everyone, regardless of their level of addiction. It is a proven system that helps support and guide those addicts that want to get the emotional support that is so needed when going through recovery. People are available for support partners that are there when the addict is struggling and needs someone to talk to. As a support group, this type of program is immensely helpful.


The group has a high level of succussing. A survey was taken back in 2013 from those who had used the program. There was a 97% improvement in the quality of life for family interaction and relationships in those that participated in the support groups. They had an 88% improvement in their improved social relationships outside of the family and relationships. That can lead to a better life overall. Work life can be improved and the members had a better quality of life socially. Eighty-seven percent began to return to their former hobbies and began to participate in their interests which they had prior to the addiction taking over. There was a 55% improvement in returning to education and staying active in school. In short, that means that they have a better life overall.

Why Support is Essential

Support is so essential for anyone that is struggling with addiction in their life. Before joining Narcotics Anonymous Center support groups addicts lives are filled with struggling to get the object of their addiction and then participating in their addiction. It takes over their lives and destroys their relationships. In very severe addictive cases, they can even end up on the street. The family might try to help but they often find that helping them ends up in becoming co-dependants in the addiction. PArticipating in the Narcotics Anonymous Center allows each member of the family to get the support that they need from their peers who are going through the same issues. Struggles are real for each individual and the groups focus on helping support and celebrate the daily life and victories of recovery.