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Ottawa Rehab Centers for Addiction Treatment

You may feel lost and overwhelmed with addiction right now, but that condition is only temporary with the right help and support system. You may want to use a referral service qualified to guide you to the facility that best suits all your needs or maybe you already have a particular place in mind. Either way, don’t hesitate, make the call and get on with the rest of your life. There is life after addiction but you have to fight for it and the battle will most likely take the rest of your life. Proper support after rehab couldn’t be more important.

There are two categories of Drug and Alcohol recovery programs in Canadian residential settings. They are programs subsidized by the government or private treatment centers. Both have the same goal but there are differences between them such as wait time and staff ratio to clients. Perhaps the biggest difference is that in the private sector addicts can get help immediately while getting a funded bed can mean a wait of six weeks to a year before ever entering a rehab center.

Medical or Standard Detox?

In Ottawa (as in the rest of Canada) there are two types of detox, Medical or Standard. Medical detox is for those that may require medication to recover and Standard for people that don’t need medicines to remove drugs from their system. Depending on severity, many alcoholics entering rehab centers need to be medically supervised while a cocaine addict may be helped simply with good support. In either case, addicts don’t have a say in which program best suits them, that decision is left up to medical professionals.

What To Expect From A Good Rehab Center

If the client doesn’t already know it, soon after entering rehab one of the first things they notice is they are far from alone. Some clients may need in-patient treatment and for others, out-patient services are also available. Taking advantage of one of Ottawa’s referral services is the best way to ensure you get the right fit for your needs. Searching on your own is fine but if you do that, make sure your choice of rehab center offers the following services.

  • Ready to handle any addiction including alcohol, street or prescriptions drugs.
  • Able to design an individualized plan for successful intervention.
  • Medical services.
  • Pharmacotherapy. Physicians and Psychotherapists experienced in the use of anti-craving medications.
  • Alternative therapies such as: Meditation, yoga, massage, acupuncture, and Tai-Chi.
  • Nutrition, diet and exercise programs.
  • Family therapy services because one persons addiction can affect everyone else in their life.

Addiction can be a slippery, continuous and often dangerous path to walk. Rehab centers in Ottawa exist to help but not if you don’t make that first call. Gauging the severity of a problem can be difficult but one thing you can count on is substance abuse only gets worse with time, not better. Stalling contact only gives your addiction that much more time to ruin your life.

Ottawa ranks as the sixth largest city in Canada and unfortunately, as the population increases, so does the opportunity for addiction. The drugs available in Canada’s capitol city are just as diverse as the cultures that have settled here. Thankfully all those differences are matched with equally diverse opportunities for successful rehab.

Walking through the door to begin your first day of rehab can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Research the history of your choice and see what previous clients have had to say. As with any other product or service, positive consumer reviews count for a lot. Most of all in the case of addiction, they can help build confidence to face whatever is coming.


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