Narcotics Anonymous Center in Peterborough

Narcotics Anonymous is based on a 12-step program reliant on a Higher Power and social support. The Narcotics Anonymous Center in Peterborough welcomes any individual trying to end their dependence on drugs. The program is a pathway to recovery, and all participants must adhere to the guidelines and support one another’s efforts to remain clean.

The Twelve Steps

The process of getting clean involves the use and visitation of the 12-steps. The steps are:

  • Step one is for the individual to admit they had no power over their addiction, and it made their life unmanageable. They must admit they require help due to the disasters the addiction caused, be ready to face reality while remaining humble, and be ready to begin the journey to change their life.
  • Step two involves embracing the belief a greater Power can restore sanity. The lesson that life can change from hopeless to hopeful due to the presence of a stronger Power must be learned. The individual’s life can be rebuilt and renewed through this Power. The choice of what the higher Power means is left to the choice of the individual.
  • The third step is for the individual to place their life and will in God’s care. When the individual surrenders to the higher Power, their mind and heart will be ready for action. The higher Power will use care and wisdom to guide their behavior better than they could have done by themselves.
  • Step four is where the individual takes an inventory of themselves that is moral and fearless. They peel away the multiple layers of their being, gain a clearer understanding of their depth, and experience healing, freedom and restoration.
  • Step five is the admission of their wrongs to another person and to God. The individual finds the courage to make a confession to themselves, their higher Power and to others. They admit to the darkness they have inside, admit what they have previously hidden, accept themselves, and make the appropriate changes regarding their relationships.
  • Step six is where all the defects of the individuals character are removed by God. The individual becomes a better person by dealing with their uncertainties and fears, making the appropriate changes within their life, and welcoming the changes of the higher Power.
  • Step seven is asking the higher Power to remove all shortcomings. When the flaws in character are removed, the action to enable the higher Power to make changes in the life of the individual begins.
  • Step eight is writing down a list of everyone who has been harmed, and making amends. This involves the assessment of all actions that may have caused harm to others. The individual must be willing to make amends for their actions and words.
  • Step nine is when the individually makes amends to the people they have harmed wherever possible. Expectations and fears must be faced before these amends can be made. The individual must evaluate where their amends and sensitivity would cause more harm then good. The risk and vulnerability of making these amends must be faced.
  • Step ten is admitting where the individual was wrong, and taking a personal inventory of their actions. The habit of reassessment for the future must be established, the individual must strive for better actions, and once the individual is aware of committing a wrong, they must confess.
  • Step eleven is using meditation and prayer to improve the individual’s relationship with God. To pray for His knowledge, and the power to carry out His will. This increases the individual’s reliance on their higher Power, establishes a source of guidance, and provides the strength to use this guidance.
  • The twelfth step is the spiritual awakening of the individual resulting from the previous steps. This is the message carried to addicts, and the principles that must be practiced.

The Spirituality

The number of individuals who seek help from the Narcotics Anonymous Center in Peterborough is continuing to increase. Some people begin while already comfortable with the recovery programs spirituality. Other enters with a neutrality, and find many benefits during the program relating to the spiritual concept. Still others, are uncomfortable with the concept of spirituality during the process of their recovery. For those who are unable to embrace the higher Power, there are a few 12-step programs available that do not include spirituality.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is about helping individuals who want to recover from their addiction to narcotics. It is about providing the guidance and support required for these individuals to put their lives back together, and begin the process of recovery. These individuals learn to understand their behavior with knowledge, and learn how to make the changes necessary to ensure a lifetime of recovery. The guidelines they are provided with help in the achievement of a healthier relationship with society and other people. These guidelines must be adhered to and respected.