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3 Pickering Rehab Centers for Addiction Treatment

There are several obstacles for people suffering with addictions. Sometimes, it may be difficult to ask for help because of several reasons:

  1. Fear of being judged or ridiculed

Many people do not want to risk being rejected and hide their addiction problem from families and friends.

  1. Lack of knowledge and access to information

One might simply not have the right access to information due to lack of motivation to find help.

  1. Lack of resources

Other individuals get discouraged about finding help, thinking that it would cost a fortune to find good and affordable rehab centers.

Whatever the reasons are, addictions sometimes cannot be overcome by sheer will. Otherwise there may be high chances of going back to old habits due to lack of accountability. That is why it is very important to seek for professional help. In this post, we will be looking into 6 Rehab Centers located in Pickering that will assist you or your loved one in recovery.

3 Pickering Rehab Centers for Addiction Treatment

  1. Body Wisdom Coaching and Training

One of the root causes of addiction is the lack of direction and focus in one’s life. Body Wisdom Coaching and Training allows clients to open up to a life coach to talk about things that challenge them in their lives, such as addiction. It is important for the center to create an atmosphere that fosters openness and understanding. Body Wisdom Coaching and Training offers services in acceleration coaching, group training and speaking engagements to allow you to acquire the skills you need for addiction recovery.

According to their official website, one of the coaches’ name is “Alexander”. Alexander has helped several clients to discover themselves and overcome the challenges that they’re facing. For example, a client mentioned that they experienced confusion, loss of direction and being bothered for reasons they cannot pinpoint. Alexander’s coaching and guidance has enabled them to understand their prior experiences and allow them to see that these are previous lessons that can equip them to overcome to present challenges they are facing. This led to clients having more confidence in solving their own problems, showing compassion with themselves and allowing themselves to be a part of a bigger purpose in their lives. For more information and to ask for a consultation, you can visit Body Wisdom Coaching and Training’s official website.

  1. Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Retreat Center

If you are someone who wants to get in touch with your spiritual roots, then a place where you can enrich your spiritual life may be something you should consider. Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Retreat Center offers retreat programs exclusively for men, women, couples, groups and 12-step programs. These retreat programs allows individuals to escape the usual routine and find peace and fulfillment in solitude, with spiritual activities and lessons to learn from. There are also individually-directed retreats that can be arranged by appointment.

The retreat programs offer many hours of reflection, learning God’s Word, and speaking conferences that will refresh your heart and mind. Some people might just be looking for spiritual renewal and addictions have become a distraction. By fulling immersing themselves to such retreats, they will create opportunities for their hearts and minds to reconnect to their spiritual roots. For more information about the types of retreats they offer, kindly visit their official website.

  1. Complex Injury Rehab

Although this rehab center is not directly focused on vice-related addictions, they do offer services that could help in managing related mental and emotional problems. Their main focus is physical activity, and use of other health and wellness activities that help people enrich their lives to help reduce the habit that forms addiction.

Examples of activities they offer are:

  1. Yoga Therapy

Making use of yoga as a sport to improve focus, boost energy and help in overall well-being. Physical activity is said to help clients overcome addiction and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

  1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness therapy makes use of meditation to help clients to achieve clarity in their lives. When people become more self-aware, it means that they find increased appreciation of themselves and would want to take care of themselves more.

  1. Rehab Groups

This rehab center also offers rehab groups to help improve a client’s sense of community. This prevents clients to feel depressed about social isolation, improve generalization of lessons learned and improve one’s level of confidence.

For more information about their services, kindly visit their official website.

The first step to recovery is recognizing the problem and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. If you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction problem, be open to solutions, and find help. There are a lot of resources available, and it is important to look into ones that suit your needs.

Whether you prefer meditative groups, spiritual renewal, or having a personal coach, the available establishments in Pickering, Ontario can assist you in finding the service that you need.