Mens Detox Centres in St. Catharines

Addiction is a battle that millions of individuals face each year, whether they have struggled with addiction long-term or have recently picked up a habit. If you are having trouble sustaining from alcohol or drug use, seeking out mens detox centers may be an ideal solution to make the right changes for your future.

Common Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

While drugs and alcohol differ in many ways, there is plenty of crossover withdrawal symptoms that affect individuals who are addicted in a psychological manner. Some of the most common psychological withdrawal symptoms from any substance include:

-Impaired cognitive function and the ability to think clearly, focus, and concentrate

-Insomnia and restlessness (especially for those who have developed a more serious habit of using any addictive substance)

-Anger, rage, and irritability are extremely common when quitting an addictive habit

-Anxiety and depression may arise due to lowered dopamine releases in the brain

-Lethargy and feeling extremely exhausted and tired even if you are not participating in physically exerting activities

-Memory loss and feeling confused or in a daze

-Inability to think about anything other than getting your hands on the substance you use again

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms of Hard Drug and Alcohol Use

Some drugs do not cause physical withdrawal symptoms, although it is possible for all substances in extreme use cases. With harder drugs and even alcohol, some of the most commonly reported physical withdrawal symptoms include:

-Nausea and vomiting

-Shakiness (in hands and throughout the body)

-Fever, chills, and uncontrollable sweating

-Constipation or diahhrea, varying with each substance

-Abdominal pain and cramps when faced with quitting “cold turkey” from hard drugs

-Intense cravings for alcohol or substances regardless of what you have used in the past

-Joint pain and muscle aches, similar to a body flu

-Headaches and migraines, causing individuals to want to seek out their substance of choice to alleviate the pain they are experiencing

Benefits of Seeking Out Mens Detox Centers

With mens detox centers it is possible to feel more comfortable by having a surrounding of the same sex when working towards overcoming an addiction. For some individuals, it may be easier to open up to the same sex without feeling shame, guilt, or as if they are failing in their pursuits. Having other men to discuss your challenges and struggles is a way to also strengthen bonds with others who have similar life paths and stories to share.

Privacy is also extremely important, whether you are seeking an inpatient program or searching for outpatient services that are best suited for your lifestyle. When working with an all-men clinic, you may feel more welcome and at ease, especially if you are experiencing a rehab clinic or center for the very first time.

Getting the Support You Need From Others Who are Faced With Addiction

A mens detox center helps to separate the sexes for individuals who prefer to meet with others of the same gender throughout the duration of their program. Getting moral and emotional support from other men who have been faced with addiction and its negative impact is essential to regain mental strength to push through the hardships you may face along the way yourself.

With both individual therapy and group sessions available it is much easier to express yourself while also releasing some of the burden that addiction may have caused you in your everyday life. Speaking with a counselor or therapist of the same sex is ideal for those who have trouble opening up about their addictions to members of the opposite sex (for fear of judgment or simply not being understood). Mens detox centers specialize in catering to the needs of their male patients and attendees.

Relevant Activites With Inpatient Programs

Inpatient programs that focus on solely men often have activities and courses in place that are most relevant to men and their own interests. Attending a meditation class may feel more comfortable if you are surrounded by all men, allowing you to enjoy a judgment-free setting and atmosphere while you are working to better your life. There may also be physical activities available including basketball, tennis, and volleyball that allow you to engage and interact with peers of the same sex with ease. Having these options available at all times can ultimately mean the difference between completing a program successfully and feeling as though you did not get enough out of your time.

Understanding how addiction works and the most common withdrawal symptoms are some of the first steps to truly understand the disease and how it has impacted your own life. The more educated you are on the topic, the easier it is to remain vigilant and self-aware on your journey to sobriety. With mens detox centers, feel comfortable moving forward so you are truly capable of living the life you desire and envision for yourself.