Narcotics Anonymous Center in Toronto

A Narcotics Anonymous Center is a non-profit organization that helps drug addicts and recovering drug addicts along their path to sobriety and to continue remaining sober.

It is in Canada’s interest to ensure drug addicts have the resources available for them to seek the assistance needed in getting and staying sober. Canada realizes that drug addiction is a temporary affliction and once it is over come, the addict can become a functioning, valuable member of society once again. If their addiction is not addressed and treated promptly, the addict can become costly to society, resorting to a life of crime, violence, and imprisonment.

The Canadian government works hard to ensure there are adequate resources available to aid the drug addicted citizens of Canada in over-coming their addiction and to continue to live their lives as functioning and sober members of society.

The Narcotics Anonymous Center in Toronto Canada is empathetic to the addict and their feelings of loneliness that they are most certainly feeling. Narcotics Anonymous is aware that during the rehabilitation process the addicted person has a sense of loneliness and feels that their families and friends have abandoned them, for this reason the program participants are here to support each other during each step of the rehabilitation process. However, once rehabilitation is complete, the recovering addict often feels they are back to square one–no friends or family that trusts them. The recovering addict is back to that feeling of loneliness once again. Family members are afraid to trust the recovering addict for fear they are going to go back to using again; and any former friends are most likely still using and will be a bad influence on a recovering addict.

The best answer to these feelings a recovering addict is feeling and how to be rid of them is for the addict to become a full member of the Narcotics Anonymous program. The Narcotics Anonymous “Family” involves each member in their “Twelve Step Recovery Program” which allows each addict to deal with their addiction in a spiritual way. By attending each meeting, an addict is able to be surrounded by people who have been in the same situation or similar to their situations. The other people in the group truly understand what they are going through and how it is a sometimes continuous fight (and victory) every day just to remain sober. The other members of the group become like family, providing companionship and support through each struggle and small victory.

Canada is currently facing the problem of setting up Narcotics Anonymous meetings for their locally afflicted addicted neighbors to become members of and start the healing process of becoming sober again. It is not a difficult task to start a chapter of Narcotics Anonymous, however, many recovering addicts are not confident or stable enough to do so. With so much already on their “plate” –just dealing with their new found sobriety is a lot for a recovering addict to handle, it doesn’t seem like a fair challenge to expect them to be able to form a chapter of Narcotics Anonymous as well. What would be fair, however, is if the Canadian Government were able to form some local chapters of Narcotics Anonymous in which the local residents of a community could get together and show their support for the residents of the community who are trying to overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Narcotics Anonymous is a twelve-step program in which its members take responsibility for their former irresponsible behaviors that were done while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or both. Just the act of wanting to make amends and get past these life altering behaviors should be enough for others to see that the addict involved in the program is truly trying to commit themselves to changing and becoming a better person.

The Narcotics Anonymous Centers are here to help not only the addicted individual, but also the entire family. Anyone is invited to attend a meeting, if you are an addict or love an addict please feel welcome to join us at the next meeting. The more people show up to support the local Narcotics Anonymous groups, the easier it will become for the residents of the community who are recovering from an addiction to remain sober and go on with their lives as productive members of the community and society.