The Costs of Private Rehab in Toronto


After conducting a bit of research on private rehab facilities, you might find that Toronto offers some of the best programs available. A patient seeking treatment stands to benefit greatly from a center that offers treatment now and for the rest of their life. Treatment in Toronto can give you the best of both worlds; financially feasible treatment and top notch one on one treatment. Private rehab is the ideal choice for those who want to heal in confidentiality. It’s the simplest way to receive world-class luxury treatment without the hefty price tag.

There are a number of different treatment centers available in Toronto. These treatment centers have programs that cover the most common and heavy-hitting addictions and conditions a person may endure. When researching private rehab programs you want to know what the costs are going to be or at least get a close approximation. The fees of treatment vary from person to person but you still want to get an idea of what you might be dealing with financially. Private rehab costs vary geographically, which is why Toronto is a good location to consider when looking for a financially feasible center.

Toronto is considered an ideal place to seek treatment because the costs are going to be lower than you’ll find anywhere else. For example, a treatment and recovery facility in Nova Scotia cost around $12,950 for a 30 day program. Another program has a fee of $17,339 in Toronto and the program lasts for 4 and 1/2 Weeks. On average you may be looking at $30,000 for 30 days of treatment. Private rehab costs in Toronto are typically less than other rehab centers. The average costs hover around $300 per day, which is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. This cost is far less than Passages Malibu at $88,000 USD for example.

Understand that when you pay for addiction treatment, counseling for your family is often included. These rehabilitation facilities have a great deal of experience and they understand that the family is going through the process with you almost as much as the person being treated. Also, you have to consider patient aftercare which can last up to a year. So, regardless of the cost the person being treated is getting the quality effective treatment they need to transform their life and recover their health.

The fees are going to vary on how long the person is seeking treatment. Most private rehab facilities have a tiered structure to their fees. You might find fees in the format of a 30, 60, or 90 day format.Some private rehab centers even offer lifetime aftercare. Take this into account when you’re considering the price of a program. Lifelong care shows a great commitment to the patient’s health and relapse prevention. In some cases virtual after care is offered.

Most treatment facilities in Toronto are located on an acreage lake or another peaceful setting. These treatment centers provide the perfect environment for you to receive personalized attention. The environment has been specifically cultivated so that patients can recover in a healthy space surrounded by the presence of only caring individuals and without overcrowding. All types of drug and alcohol addictions are treated. A private rehab facility takes pride in their alumni not relapsing.

As a part of the program and the patient’s overall health, exercise is often included. Treatment facilities in Toronto have fitness or health programs. If you’re considering attending a private rehab center, do your due diligence. Research and make sure that staff and programs are available that suit your specific needs. Make sure the treatment center is right for you, not the other way around. Look into what the available activities might be and see if you can picture yourself living a more peaceful, healthy life from being there.