Methadone Addiction and Treatment Clinics in Windsor 

Taking on the battle of overcoming an addiction is commendable, as it is most often not an easy task for anyone. With the rise of methadone use and the ever-growing opioid crisis, seeking help from methadone addiction clinics is needed now more than ever. Whether you have been using methadone for years or if you have just recently found yourself addicted, there are both inpatient and outpatient options to choose from during your road to recovery.

What is Methadone Addiction?

Methadone addiction occurs when an individual begins using methadone other for prescribed and intended purposes. Because of the addictive nature of methadone, it is possible for anyone to become addicted to the drug, even if they do not have a history of addiction of any kind. When the use of methadone becomes recreational and begins negatively impacting your life, you are likely facing an addiction that requires support, guidance, and in some cases, monitoring from medical professionals.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated With Methadone

Methadone is an extremely dangerous drug, accounting for nearly one-third of all opioid-related deaths in the US alone. With methadone, there are not only psychological withdrawal symptoms but also physical withdrawal symptoms that can quickly become dangerous and potentially fatal.

The most common psychological withdrawal symptoms experienced with a methadone addiction include:

-Increase irritability, anxiety, and overall agitation

-Impaired cognitive function, memory loss, and forgetfulness

-Decreased social interactions and lack of communication with family and friends

-Severe loss of interest in everyday activities and hobbies that were once enjoyable

-Insomnia and restlessness

-Muscle coordination problems and trouble completing daily tasks

It is also vital to remain aware of any of these serious physical side effects associated with the withdrawal from methadone:

-Extreme fatigue and exhaustion, even when well-rested

-Shakiness, sweating, chills, and fever

-Stomach pains and aches throughout the joints

-Nausea and vomiting are extremely prevalent among individuals who have struggled with heavy addiction and long-term use

-Constipation and diarrhea (along with other gastrointestinal issues)

-Decreased respirations which can become extremely dangerous if not tended to by a medical professional

-Chest pains and cardiac arrest in the most extreme and severe cases

Why Inpatient Programs are Best When Overcoming a Methadone Addiction

Choosing an inpatient rehabilitation program is ideal for those who are looking to overcome a methadone addiction, as the drug itself poses many threats to the body when an individual suddenly stops taking methadone altogether.

Inpatient clinics and rehabilitation programs specialize in helping those who are in need of medical monitoring and assistance when getting off of a high-risk substance such as methadone. With strict daily routines, medical staff, and counseling readily available, inpatient clinics are highly recommended for anyone who is struggling with an intense or prolonged addiction to opioids.

Getting the Guidance and Support Necessary

Whenever you are introduced to a new rehab clinic or program, group therapy, as well as individual counseling sessions, are often available immediately. Speaking in group sessions is a way to feel less alone while you face the ups and downs on your road to recovery and throughout your journey to sobriety.

With other individuals who are facing similar obstacles and challenges, it is much easier to relate to those who have struggled just as you. In a judgment-free zone, you are more likely to feel comfortable opening up honestly and speaking about the negative affects that methadone has had in your life. Group meetings are ideal to keep yourself from feeling guilt and shame that you may have felt in the past from loved ones. By talking with others who have also dealt with addiction, lessen the burden on yourself that addiction has caused.

Sponsors are also available when you need one individual to confide in while getting clean and sober. Sponsors help to look out for one another, even when a rehabilitation program has been completed. Calling and meeting with your sponsor when you are feeling weakened or tempted to go back to using a substance is a way to overcome addiction when you are doing so permanently.

Seek Aftercare Options to Maintain Sobriety Permanently

Aftercare options provided from rehabilitation centers are also extremely important, especially for any individual who is looking to get sober from using methadone. With aftercare options you are able to continously check in with therapists, counselors, and group meetings even once you have completed your stay within an inpatient clinic.

When a rehab treatment cinic offers aftercare options it is much easier to remain sober even if you find yourself feeling tempted in the future to use methadone again.

Having the willpower to first admit you have an addiction is the first step to making the right positive changes to your life. Seeking out methadone addiction clinics and inquiring about resources is a way for you to regain control of your choices again while rebuilding a happy, healthy, and productive life for the future you envision.