Alcohol Intervention – Get help for your loved one.

Alcoholism is a tough issue. If you know someone who is suffering from alcoholism, then you know first hand how painful it can be for everyone involved. It may be tough to see someone you love struggle with alcoholism, and see them losing a grip on their life, and their relationships as a result. If you’re reading this, it’s likely the case someone you love is headed down this path currently. As loved ones, we begin to wonder what we can do, and talk of having an alcohol intervention come up.

What is crucial to understand is they are suffering from pain. Alcoholism, like most addictions, is a method of coping with pain which the person has trouble resolving through healthy means. It’s a way of coping with the inevitable pains and sufferings of life. As we know, this method of coping seems to quicken the problems, and further the suffering and pain. You may see the fruit of this already. Often, the alcoholic’s life become a vicious cycle of drinking to cope, experiencing pain from the over-drinking, feeling unable to cope with this new pain, and drinking to cope again.

Many of us feel helpless for our loved ones. In fact, they too are likely experiencing this same helplessness. It’s one of the most devastating emotions we can experience, and can feel isolating, dark, and unsolvable.

It’s important for us to express care for those we love, especially those suffering from the vicious cycle of alcoholism. Alcohol intervention can be the pivot-point in the life of a suffering alcoholic. Many point to these moments when loved ones surrounded them, to call out this cycle and offer support as the moment they began to recover. This process, however, is anything but easy. The idea of confronting an alcoholic is daunting. We want them to know how much we care for them, and we don’t want to push them away. It’s likely the loved one is already suffering from loneliness and isolation. We can be afraid to add to any of those feelings.

However, to continue to allow a loved one to spiral out on this path of destructive behavior is the least caring thing we could do. What the suffering alcoholic needs is loved ones who surround them in love, and support them through the recovery process.

In life, we as people have a funny way of living in denial. We can have a leaky faucet or creaky door in our house for months before we finally stop denying how bothersome it is and fix it. Sometimes we have a problem in our car engine which is affecting the whole vehicle, but we refuse to address the problem until it’s nearly too late. It’s the same in more serious situations. We can let the problems slide for a long time, as they slowly worsen. At some point it needs to be addressed.

This is what an alcohol intervention is: the addressing of a problem which is threatening the well-being of your loved one. Many times the suffering alcoholic is in denial until confronted.

If you are thinking of having an alcoholic intervention, it can be helpful to address the problem with a group of people who share in your love for the beloved. Together, you can all determine the correct way to host the intervention. Some of you can write a letter explaining your love for the suffering alcoholic, and address your concern for their current behaviors. However, it’s important to make sure the loved one is aware of your love and support for them.

Our efforts to intervene should always come from a place of compassion, and love, not from judgment or condemnation. The loved one needs to know they are supported, and they will have a group of people behind them and rooting for them in the recovery process.