How to Deal with an Alcoholic

Alcoholism is a major disease that effects more than 13.8 million Americans today Your text to link…. Most people overlook their addiction to alcohol as being normal simply because it is so common among the American people. Sadly, this is becoming an epidemic and anyone struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction needs to seek help before it destroys not only their bodies but their relationships as well. If you know someone who is struggling with alcohol addiction there is something you can do to help. Helping an alcoholic can be challenging but also very helpful.

First steps

One of the first things you need to do when you notice someone in your life is abusing alcohol is to politely bring it up in conversation and see if they are aware of their addiction yet since admitting you have a problem is always the hardest step for anyone to come to. You can help by supporting them and letting them know you understand what is going on in their life is hard, but you want to help them before the alcohol takes over their life. Make them aware that if they think they have a problem with abusing alcohol, they can always talk to you without feeling judged.

Next steps

The next step to helping someone who is struggling with alcohol addiction is to help them seek help. You should ask them first if they are ready to face the problem and move forward with treatment, once they give you that confirmation, and it may take time so be patient, then you can help them find someone or somewhere to go for counseling and therapy. Addiction is hard, so you must be very understanding through the whole process because what you must understand is that they want to change but the alcohol is causing them to hold back. The addiction starts to take control of their life which is why they are no longer able to control every aspect of their lives.

Final steps

The final step to dealing with an alcoholic is to continue to encourage and be an advocate for change. One of the best ways to promote change in an alcoholic, especially if they live with you, is to quit drinking yourself for a while and keep alcohol out of their sight as much as you can. If you say you will be their partner and you will stop drinking with them, it will be a little bit easier for them to stop drinking as well. Go with them to AA meetings if they are attending them, be supportive in everything you do and constantly remind them and show them that they are not alone in this battle against alcoholism. If you feel as though they are starting to slip up and get discouraged make sure to keep encouraging them and try to keep their heads up about the whole situation. Another tactic to use is distraction, try to keep them busy doing fun recreational activities that don’t include alcohol. Ask them to a movie, or dinner at a restaurant that doesn’t serve alcohol, these things will help them to stay busy and keep their minds off of the withdrawal and desire for alcohol. Most importantly, always remember that this is not their fault, they are trying to change and really just need your help. Helping an alcoholic may seem like a lost cause but don’t give up, you will get somewhere with them as long as your willing to try.