GHB is known as the “party drug”. GHb is the drug that the club kids use the drug to enjoy social situations. The club kids use it to relax their mood or control their depression. Bodybuilders use it to increase their muscle mass and lose some weight.

The main effects of GHB all depend on the dose the person takes. Small doses do not do much except to make a person more relaxed. A large dose will make the person feel sedated. The effects will last up to 24 hours. The effect depends on how fast the person metabolizes the drug and how large the dose is.

The drug will not likely cause addiction, but it can lead to tolerance. Tolerance can lead to abuse if the person is not careful.

The Short-Term Effects

Effects may include any of the following: amnesia, dizziness, feeling drowsy, agitation, and lack of inhibitions. Click here for a complete list of effects.

Long-Term Effects

Effects may include amnesia, slurred speech, blurred vision, mouth sores, headaches, muscle pain, and severe anxiety. Click here for the complete list.

GHB can sometimes take a few hours to take effect. You should be careful not to overdose. Some users take more than they should in order to feel the results. Taking too much right away might cause an adverse reaction, and the symptoms might be more severe.

GHB Side Effects: How Can You Tell If You Have Been Drugged?

1) Do you go to bed or wake up feeling more intoxicated than usual?

2) Do you wake up feeling hungover?

3) Do you feel like you have had sex, but cannot remember anything about the event? Do you feel like you were raped or abused in any way, but cannot recall what happened?

4) Does your mind go blank after your first drink? Do you wake up feeling like you have had a blackout?

GHB has found many uses over the years. GHB first saw the light in the medical field. The drug needed to be banned and it soon found its way into the club scene. GHB is used with other mind-altering drugs. GHB comes in a small vial, water bottle, or plastic bag.

The Eight Things You Need To Know About GHB

1) GHB is a natural sedative. GHB is found in some red wines. The compound can be found in some of our dietary meats. The drug is dissolved instantly in liquids, which is why it can be used to target a partygoer. You can slip GHB into a person’s drink without their knowledge. Why do you think some partygoers use GHB as a “date rape” drug?

2) GHB’s nickname is “heaven” due to the euphoria you feel after taking it.

3) GHB has a limited shelf life in the medical field. GHB was first prescribed to help people sleep. The drug was banned by the FDA in 1990. People then began using the drug to help treat narcolepsy. A few doctors flirted with the idea of using the drug to help aid with childbirth. They also thought it was a good idea to use the drug to help treat alcoholism. These two ides were shelved due to the dangerous side effects associated with drug overdose.

4) The club kids take the drug illegally because it is falsely labeled as a “recreational drug”. The dose you find in wine and the club scene will vary. A liter of wine has a dose ranging between 4.1 to 21.4. The GHB party drug has a dose ranging between 500mg-3,000mg. GHB is a Class C drug. If you are caught holding a vial, you can get up to two years in prison. If you are caught selling the drug, you can get up to 14 years.

5) The negative side effects are dependent on the dose. A small dose will lead to dizziness and general disorientation, or drowsiness. A large dose will produce scary results. Rare cases show users slipping into a deep sleep, coma, and sometimes death.

6) You do not take GHB with another drug. The negative side effects will be intensified.

“One minute I was dancing up a storm. The next minute, I was waking up in a hospital bed. The staff told me I was lucky to be alive. I tried GHB before, but this time, I think I had had a glass of wine first. The high is incredible, but I will never do that again”.

A former GHB user.

7) GHB is used as the date rape drug, as I mentioned above. A man or woman can add GHb to your drink without your knowledge. Why do you think some wake up feeling like they had sex and cannot recall what happened? The date rape drug will do that to you.

8) Identifying a spiked drink is possible. You need to know what to look for. Does your drink feel slightly salty while taking your first sip? Do you start to feel a difference in your mood or senses while taking your first sip? Do you feel light-headed? You have been drugged. You need to tell someone right away.