What is GHB?

GHB also known as gamma hydroxybutyrate is a drug explicitly used to help one feel the sensation of being high. It is an extremely inebriating sedative drug. GHB was first established in the year 1960 for medical purposes to calm the body. The use of GHB continued to develop. By the 90’s this drug was used by competitors, weightlifters, and those attending a rave. For those at a rave it was the alternative to feel alcohol related effects without the annoying hangover. Over the years it has become a very popular drug amongst adolescences and young adults. GHB is typically in liquid form. GHB can sometimes be in the form of powder. GHB has no scent or pigment. GHB typically gets into one’s body by being swallowed. When GHB is mixed with alcohol it can immobilize the body and one’s breathing. GHB has caused several individuals to seek urgent care due to its high risk on the human body. Overall, this drug can be the reason for death whether one takes a small or large amount.

GHB Effects on the Body

There are numerous effects that GHB can do to one’s body. GHB effects can be different for each individual. GHB can cause both lasting and instant effects to one’s body. The longevity of effects one may experience when taking GHB can depend on several factors. Some of these factors include the size of an individual, the amount an individual weighs, the overall health of the individual taking GHB, if an individual has ever taken this drug, if there are other drugs currently in one’s body, and the amount of GHB taken. Sometimes it may not be so simple to know the amount GHB one has taken. This is due to the fact that the quality and power of any drug can vary significantly for each and every individual. GHB has high risk associated with it. There is a high chance of overdose occurring when GHB is used. There is no harmless level of consuming any drug. It is very important to be cautious when consuming any kind of drug and/or medication.

There are immediate effects that can occur to one’s body after taking GHB. The immediate effects that can occur to one’s body typically happen between 15-20 minutes after taking GHB. Immediate effects associated with taking GHB can last anywhere between 3-4 hours. There are several effects on the body that can occur after taking small to adequate amounts of GHB. The effects associated with taking small to adequate amounts of GHB are feelings of intense excitement, amplified sex desires, depressed inhibitions, changes with memory, tiredness, drowsiness, faintness, headache, significant decrease of body temperature, slow beat of one’s heart, decrease in blood levels, experiencing shakes, sickness, and urinary problems. Higher amounts of GHB can cause an individual to overdose. An overdose of GHB can occur due to taking more than the amount of GHB the body can handle. There are several effects associated with taking higher amounts of GHB. Immediate effects associated with a high dosage intake are nausea, perspiring, loss of synchronization, uneven or deep inhalation, misperception often, frustration, nervousness, experiencing hallucinations, blackouts, insentience, seizures, breathing complications, and possibility of death can occur.

A long-term effect associated with GHB is that this drug can become very addicting. Individuals that take GHB for a long period of time can develop the thought that there is a need to take this drug. One may experience that it is not possible to function throughout the day without taking GHB. Using GHB can get to the point where taking the drug becomes the top priority and other activities in one’s life no longer matter. At this point of addiction GHB becomes challenging to not use and causes long-term effects. When developing dependence with this drug one may also develop tolerance for this drug. Those individuals that develop dependence and tolerance need to consume greater quantities of GHB to feel the same immediate effects. Using GHB can cause withdrawal. Withdrawal from GHB can last for several years. The withdrawal tends to be very severe. In general the addicting aspect of GHB can develop into a long-term effect.

Other effects associated with GHB can occur when taking GHB and another drug. If GHB is combined with narcotic drugs there is a higher chance of an individual experiencing an overdose. Benzodiazepines and alcohol are examples of narcotic drugs. If GHB is combined with stimulant drugs there is a higher chance that one’s body will experience an immense amount of stress with the combination of side effects. Ecstasy and amphetamines are examples of stimulant drugs.

Overall, there are many GHB effects on the body that can occur when taking this drug.