Narcolepsy is a serious issue. Not only because you have goals that you have to accomplish to have a good day, but there are other reasons. You could be in the way others going throughout their day. Narcolepsy might lead you to fall asleep at the wheel, which can be very detrimental to your success on the road. If you have an important meeting or project then you may not be able to do those things to the extent that you want to. Narcolepsy really limits how much you can enjoy life. Instead of full bursts energy, you are constantly tired and rely on the sleep that you’re going to get to supply you later.

Luckily for there’s Xyrem Success Programs, dedicated to help you reach your goals of being productive again. They have many videos of their patients telling you about their experiences and that they were too prideful to ask for help. Yet, they say it’s one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. You can talk about many symptoms with your healthcare provider, with Xyrem they will help you with your narcolepsy. You can read the doctor’s discussion guide so you can get caught up with all of the information.

For Health and safety reasons not everyone can get Xyrem. There are a few steps to process if you want to be put on medication. You need to make sure that your healthcare provider has enrolled you in the XREN REMS program. They also need to fax a prescription to a pharmacy, certified to provide you your medication. Eventually a Nurse case manager will call to welcome the program. You have to take this call if you want your provider to acknowledge your medication. At this point, you have initiated the success program. There are many details that they will give and that allows you to have options based on your preferences.

You may have initial questions. This is natural for anyone who is going to make a big decision in their life. Thankfully for you, the manager is willing to answer questions that you have. There are also obligated to review your insurance information with so you can decide if you want financial support. After that a pharmacist will call you to review safety information based on the medication. After that they will ask if you’ve read the XYREM start guide brochure because we want to know the information in that guide. This guide is very important because this is where you will receive the most detailed information. They will talk to you about your current medications, history and allergies. After that, they’ll arrange your first shipment.

Now if you’re someone who is not good with discipline when it comes to medication don’t worry. There are only 2 doses that you need during the night. One is for when you first go to bed and the other is taken 2.5 to 4 hours later. You know your body better than anybody so you have to be the one when to take it. If you are ever confused or curious, you can always look at the guide for more information. You can talk to your nurse care provider and they usually have late hours depending on your location.

Every night you need the right materials: 1 bottle of XREM, 2 child-resistant cups, a liquid-measuring syringe and a measuring cup with water. It’s important to know that your medication is stored safely so the wrong people aren’t able to capture it. When you use it enough, you may not be able get enough dosage for the night. When this happens, you should pour the medication down the sink and recycle the bottle. Every state is different so make sure to study the laws in your area.

Thankfully, Xyrem Success Programs try to make this process of getting rid of a bad habit to help others. The medication takes a few steps to getting it, involving talking to your health provider. After you talk to your Nurse care manager you will have a relationship with them and you will get your medication faster. Though your goal is to end the cause for your aliments, there is nothing wrong with needing more assistance. There are phone lines and guides that will constantly answer your questions and give you more information. Don’t worry, narcolepsy won’t be in your life for much longer.