Signs A Person You Know Could Be Dependent On Opioids

Opioids are a class of drugs that includes both legal and illegal forms of them. It is legal for a person to obtain a prescription for such opioids as oxycodone, morphine, codeine and more. One of the most common illegal opioids is heroin. Prescribed opioids are usually used to help individuals deal with pain. They are a very effective type of pain relief. Opioids are some of the most abused substances in the world.


In the United States, it is estimated some type of opioid disorder affects .37 percent of adults over the age of 18. It’s also important to understand many opioid users are in jail at any time. Men are more likely than women to experience an opioid disorder. These percentages can change based on the drugs used. This lowest rates of opioid disorder are with individuals over the age of 64.


There has been significant research into the causes of opioid dependence. No direct evidence has been demonstrated that shows a common cause for this disorder. There are links with certain factors, and the development of opioid dependence. Genetic factors do play a role in developing opioid dependence. Studies of families have shown individuals with relatives who have an opioid addiction are at an increased risk for developing this disorder. Peers also have a significant influence on an individual’s behavior. Peer pressure is significant with individuals developing opioid dependence.

Warning Signs

When opioid addiction starts to take over a person, those around them will notice a significant change in behavior. Individuals who were once considered to be fun or outgoing may begin to avoid friends and social situations. These people may stop engaging in activities they once enjoyed as well as going to venues once frequented. To families and friends, the person’s behavior is changing, and it starts to upset them. This is when opiod dependence signs may begin to become evident.

Symptoms of Opioid Abuse

An individual who is abusing opioids could have increased general anxiety. This could be combined with them experiencing anxiety attacks. Extreme depression could be followed by them having feelings of euphoria. They could also have low motivation as well as an increase in their irritability. Some individuals abusing opioids may also seem to be suffering from some types of psychosis.

Symptoms Of Prescription Opioid Abuse

A person could be using their prescription opioid for a longer time or for a greater amount than prescribed. They may have failed at their attempts to lower the amount of opioids they use on a daily basis. These individuals will dedicate a significant amount of their time to obtaining their drug as well as using it. People around them will notice how this individual has abandoned activities once thought to be very important to them and more.

Effects Of Opioid Addiction

Individuals who are abusing opioids will have decreased levels of estrogen and testosterone. It will result in a lower libido and impaired sexual function. This can be caused in many other ways, but it can also be combined with other signs to determine the possibility of an opioid addiction. It’s possible a person’s old habits may return. One of the more common habits is associated with people who have quit smoking tobacco for a long time. They may begin to once again regularly use it. People experiencing opioid addiction will have a loss of significant relationships. Individuals who were at one time very important to them will be forgotten or eliminated from an addict’s life. A person abusing opioids, who may have always been honest in the past, could begin stealing. They could also begin overspending on their credit cards and quickly get behind in payments. Their behavior at work could also start to suffer. They may begin to miss important meetings as well as not make scheduled deadlines and more. When confronted with their changes in behavior, it is common for a person abusing opioids to make up lies. .

Physical Signs

Opiod dependence signs include people having an increased level of alertness. They will have a decreased appetite as well as an increase in their physical activity. Difficulty sleeping and an increased level of sensitivity to sensory stimuli is also part of it. They could start to experience intense physical agitation as well as high blood pressure. This could result in unexplained drowsiness. It’s possible they could nod off in the middle of conversations or when eating in public and more. A significant decrease in personal hygiene may also occur. Individuals who were once attentive to their grooming could be showing signs of having an opioid problem when their hygiene habits begin to change for the worse. It’s also possible for a person with this type of addiction to exhibit regular flu-like symptoms. When someone has a fever, nausea as well as headaches, they may not have the flu. These could be signs of withdrawal for a person who isn’t able to get more of the opioid they are using.


There are individuals who struggle to deal with their negative moods. This has been linked to a person no learning proper coping skills in their childhood or adolescence. When these people become distressed, they will begin to search for some type of relief from the feelings they are experiencing. This can cause them to be vulnerable to using opioids. These drugs are particularly tempting because of their ability to counteract the negative feeling people experience. When they feel the surge of euphoria caused by these drugs, it can easily lead to a problem with addiction.

It is always a struggle for people to think about someone they love as being dependent on an opioid. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates numbers of people dealing with some form of opioid addiction worldwide is over 35 million. It’s possible for someone who is dependent on opioids to be very good at masking their symptoms. In the beginning, they appear to have no outward signs. They eventually do make mistakes, and their opiod dependence signs start to become more obvious. This is a time for people to realize there is always help for any person with the opioid problem as well as all those who love them.