Effects of Ketamine

Ketamine is an extremely dangerous party drug that has numerous effects on the body. It is known for being a sister to PCP and used recreation-ally by many people. It is devastating when a drug such as this takes the life of someone young and vibrant who only wanted to experiment like everybody else. That is why it is important to educate ourselves and make the consequences of drug use known. Ketamine effects are very dangerous and could be life threatening, it is not a drug you want to get involved with.

Immediate Ketamine Effects

When Ketamine is first consumed by either snorting a crushed pill through your nose or injecting it directly into the bloodstream, the effects start almost simultaneously. The first thing that will happen is that you will become disoriented and feel extremely drowsy. Next you will be in an extreme state of relaxation like you are floating and almost like an out of body experience. People have described it as feeling like they are in a different world and unable to ground themselves with reality. This is the feeling that really creates the addiction and causes people to feel like they need this drug to allow them to escape reality again for a while. The effects of ketamine use.

Harmful Side Effects

One of the biggest things to remember with any drug is that with it will come side effects as it is not a natural occurring substance that is supposed to be in your body. Some of the most prevalent side effects include rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, drowsiness and confusion. Another very troubling and life threatening effect that ketamine can have on the body is extreme confusion combined with nausea. Just as this can happen to someone who has drank too much, this can happen to someone high on ketamine as well, only much worse. The ketamine puts you in such a relaxed and confused state, that if your laying on your back and begin to vomit there is absolutely no way your brain would be able to properly react and roll over so the vomit doesn’t go back down your throat. The result of this would be suffocation from your own vomit, which is a less than honorary way to pass on.

Long Term Effects

Actively using Ketamine for a long period of time is extremely harmful to your body. Some of the long term effects that could be expected would be irreversible damage to the kidneys, thickening of the bladder and urethra which can result in the inability to pass urine which would mean you may even need to have your bladder removed and use a catheter for the rest of your life. Another very harmful long term side effect of using Ketamine is the inability to feel or detect pain. Since the Ketamine acts as an anesthetic and numbs you from feeling pain, long term usage can result in the user to not know when they are feeling pain and when they are not. With this comes harmful self inflicted injuries that would have otherwise been avoided had the person been able to feel the pain and prevent the injury from occurring.

Getting Help

If you or someone you love is currently suffering from a ketamine addiction please do not feel as though you have to try and quit this addiction alone. It is very difficult to overcome addiction but it is definitely worth it and could save your life. Never feel afraid to come forward to get the help you need due to fear of getting in trouble with the law or losing your freedom. Ketamine typically does not cause too many withdrawal symptoms since it is a anesthetic; however, getting yourself in the mindset to stop using the drug is the hardest part. You can seek help at any drug rehabilitation center where they can provide you with counseling and psychotherapy to diagnose the underlying problem as to why you are abusing the drug. After counseling you will then need to go into the recovery phase which is often one of the most difficult phases for any drug user. You will need to reimagine your life without the drug being a part of it and then you can move on and live a happy, substance free life. It will not be easy but you can do it, never feel alone.