Is Marijuana Addictive Compared to Other Habits?

Is Marijuana Addictive? That question can go either way. Whether or not marijuana is addictive comes in various appearances. Most people who smoke marijuana don’t get addicted as much as for those who smoke cigarettes. Marijuana has its benefits, mostly for medical purposes, but just like so many other drugs, there can be an addictive side to it. However, it does not mean, that marijuana isn’t potentially addictive in numerous ways. Addiction rates for marijuana are much lower than for other drugs, whether if it used illegally or legitimately for the right cause.

For some people, marijuana may be a harmless tolerance if used in moderation. Marijuana is known not to be physically addictive, just like anything that feels good as in playing games, exercising, or eating fast foods. You cannot overdose on marijuana.

However, for other individuals, it can become a controlling habit that impacts their life harmfully. Extreme marijuana use can be dangerous for people who misuse it. The extreme side effects for people using excessive marijuana can experience Pneumonia, Asthma, Bronchitis, or even COPD. The truth is that marijuana is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol.

An addiction to marijuana could be present to anyone before knowing the side effects it takes on a person. Signs that a person is abusing marijuana can be noticed by the physical, and behavioral changes that occurs with them. Some examples people may see in abuse is overeating, depression, have red eyes, when their performance drops at school or work, or they are being distant from family and friends.

One example to look out for is when someone uses marijuana as an addiction, is noticing that they withdraw from daily struggles. It can come to a point when it is used to escape a troubled marriage, problems at work, or even suffering from financial hardships. When they light-up as a way of escape to get elevated, then this is a sign they may be addicted to marijuana.

At first, you may believe that I will only take a couple of puffs to relax myself. However, you soon realize that you end up smoking the whole joint for the complete day. If you realize you may do this frequently, it’s a warning of marijuana addiction, because you are using more marijuana than originally intended.

Like most drugs people may use, when a person is anxious, irritable, or unable to function without marijuana, they may be addicted. Many people cannot afford their habit using marijuana. A sign that their addiction occurs is when someone keeps on overspending money that they have trouble affording, other than if they use it for medical purposes.

Stress responds very well to drug use. When people are stressed from working hard, after they come home, they may light up to enjoy a little marijuana to be stress-free at-the-moment, which works. However, it can turn to marijuana addiction when they solely depend on it, even if their stress level is not as bad as before. Now, they depend on marijuana, so they won’t feel overly stressed.

Marijuana addiction is noticed when someone has inadvertently given up on daily activities, and do not enjoy many of their favorite hobbies. They, instead, spend most of their time using marijuana.

There are marijuana smokers who can use the drug occasionally, or even with some regularity, without becoming addicted. A few people can smoke a joint of marijuana in the evening and feel laidback. They are doing something which gives them a temporary relief, when they should be doing something else. It helps avoid any responsibility.

Helping someone with marijuana addiction becomes a matter of helping them to set meaningful goals for themselves, and being uplifting to them on their way to accomplishing those ambitions down the road.