What are some signs that someone may be addicted to methadone? There are numerous Methadone Addiction Signs that can be noticed and once noticed getting the help that a person will need in overcoming the addiction is that much easier.

Methadone Addiction Signs may vary and the longer the addiction has set in the harder it will be to help get rid of the addiction – but it is possible and being able to spot these Methadone Addiction Signs will be of the utmost importance in ehlping out that person who has become addicted.

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a major drug that has been approved by in the pharmaceutical industry in curing opioid addiction as well as dependency. For individuals who have been addicted to certain illegal drugs like morphine or heroin, for example, methadone is used to help manage the addiction.

However, ironically this drug that is supposed to help beat addiction over certain drugs has the added side effect of being an addictive drug in of itself.

Some of the Signs and Symptoms of Overusing Methadone

For those who use heroin, the cycle that occurs between intense highs and crushing lows last for about 30 minutes, however these 30 minutes as rapid as it may be when compared to the dependence of methadone which lasts much longer, and the crushing lows that a person feels are devastating.

For methadone addiction it lasts for about 22 hours, it is longer lasting, but the addiction to the drug is manageable. It is because of this reason that Methadone is a preferred drug to help others get over their heroin addiction.

However, there are certain signs to look out for in regards Methadone addiction, which are:

Physical Addiction Signs

Nausea and vomiting

A person will sweat profusely

The person may have constricted pupils

They may experience increase pain

They may have slowed breathing

Other Signs

Patients may attempt to ask for multiple prescriptions of the drug. This is called “doctor shopping.”

Some will use the drug in higher doses that have been recommended

They will skip sessions of schedule doses so that they can ‘stockpile’for later use

They will seek the medication from alternative sources

They will start to neglect other aspects of their lives

What are some of te effect of Methadone Addiction?

The effects can vary, and this is because of the person and how much they have used coupled with the health state. If the person does not stop using the drug, it will have adverse effects on them in the long term.

Some of these effects include:

They will have impaired judgment

Some will have sexual dysfunction

Some will have respiratory problems

These symptoms most often build up over a prolonged period. Those who overdose on methadone will later develop significant issues if they continue; especially when they mix methadone with alcoholic beverages. In specific instances, they risk the possibility of death.

Treatments and Programs

Luckily many treatments and programs are set to help people get over this newfound addiction. Thanks to many center and rehabs there is adequate amounts of help for those who may have an addiction.

Seeking out a rehab will prove to be most advantageous in helping to combat one’s addiction. Rehabs offer a plethora of programs that are specifically geared and design for the individual to get over their addiction.

Detox is perhaps an essential treatment in step to overcomes one addiction and because of so many rehab clinics open to the public and with so many doctors and therapist to help this is by far the best methods in overcoming one’s addition.

With teen drug abuse ever soaring it is essential to be able to spot any signs of addiction. Once these symptoms have been noticed the steps in stopping this addiction are available to those in need.

To learn more visit your local rehab clinic.