Methadone has a noticeable effect on a person overall physical health as well as there mental health. Methadone is substitute drug that is meant to be a drug to help wean people off of certain drugs like heroin or over the counter painkiller drugs.

The reason that methadone drugs can assist those in their addiction to these kinds of drugs is that methadone is a drug that is an opiate drug like heroin and painkillers.

However, it is great for managing one’s addiction because unlike the other two drugs that stay in the system short term, maybe for a few hours, methadone stays in the body for up to 22 hours or a few days.

Thus making this drug a great managing drug to help people who have addictions. However, there are still some people who become addicted to Methadone. And there are many Physical Effects of Methadone that become far too prevalent and revealing.

To know if someone has a methadone addiction you must watch out for these physical effects of methadone to give them the help they may need.

Physical Effects of Methadone

As mentioned methadone is drugs that are used to help manage other addiction to opiate drugs. However when this drug is not administered to the patient who is overcoming an addiction to other drugs, and they misuse methadone then this drug can also become another addiction.

There are specific signs that one can notice in discovering if they have methadone addiction. The physical effects methadone have broken down into either short term or long term.

Short Term:

A person may be restless

They may vomit

They may experience nausea

They may have slowed breathing

A person may develop Sexual Dysfunction

They may have Constipation

Long Term:

A person may have Lung problems

The long-term effects also differ for men and women

Women may experience a change in the menstrual cycles, and if a woman is pregnant, there may be complications.

Methadone Maintenance

There are many methadone maintenance clinics and rehabs to help those who have become addicted to this drug. Methadone treatment is a great treatment and is, for the most part, the most well-used treatment for those who have become addicted to other forms of opiate addiction.

It is a very useful treatment, however, like anything not used correctly, it can be a very dangerous drug to use. Methadone although doing great harm to the body if misused also affect the mind, causing hallucinations or worse.

However, when those who use methadone correctly and they are monitored when using the drug it is a beneficial drug that helps people to manage their addiction, and this is primarily because of how long this drug stays in the person body.

The Alternatives to Methadone

There are several alternatives to methadone that are also quite useful. However, these substitutes have some side effects that cause some level of harm, which is methadone is a preferred drug in treatments.

Buprenorphine – is a very powerful drug, which has been approved by the FDA, in helping those who have addictions to opiate drugs. It is about 30 to 50 times as potent as morphine.

L-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM) – Also approved by the FDA. This drug is used in Stage II of drug treatment. However, this drug has many side effects from nausea to diarrhea to vomiting.

Physical Effects of Methadone

The Physical Effects of Methadone as quite dangerous and it is highly recommended that those who have developed an addiction to this drug seek out help to stop the addiction.

Many rehabs and clinics are open to the public to assist those who have an addiction. Don’t wait any longer.

Get the help today.