There are many Oxycodone facts out there that not many people still know about. In this article, we will learn some of the more common Oxycodone facts that you probably don’t know. We will also try to discuss some of the issues about Oxycodone that you probably haven’t heard yet. Let’s start.

  1. One of the most basic oxycodone facts right now is the fact that Oxycodone is one of the most controversial drugs on the market today. There’s now a colossal crisis in the United States about the abuse of such drug. Government intervention is now even in order because of people’s misuse of the drug.
  2. Oxycodone is a painkiller. It’s used by many people who are trying to cope with chronic pain, especially when undergoing a medical procedure. One of the less common Oxycodone facts that you probably did not know is that it’s the drug that’s mostly forged by the patients just to get a dose. The government intervention that’s now in order helps to address this issue, but there’s still a lot to be done to cope with the medical crisis.
  3. Another one of the more common Oxycodone facts right now is the fact that the statistics in the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that people within the age range of about 18 to 25 are the most common people who are reportedly abusing the drug. It was also indicated in the report that 1 in every 30 high school seniors has already abused Oxycodone in one way or another.
  4. One common brand of Oxycodone in the market is Oxycontin, and this painkiller is effective in treating various medium and high-level of the pain of the patients. What this drug contains is a semi-synthetic element whose origin started in 1916, which was sourced from thebaine, a natural drug that’s in poppy plants. This drug is also related to other narcotic drugs, which include heroin and morphine.
  5. Another interesting fact about Oxycodone is that its history had experienced a lot of ups and downs, especially in how its effects and side effects have evolved. A lot has happened in the timeline of how the drug developed ever since it was used as a palliative medicine in World War 1.

The drug is powerfully and tritely used by many people to treat any pain during the war,, but today the intensity of the drug has increased, making it more prone to abuse.

  1. Oxycodone is an opiate, and so how it works is that it binds to the receptors in the brain to cope with the pain that one suffers. The opioid receptors in the brain can’t produce the chemicals needed to produce the pain relief on its own, so it needs the oxycodone.
  2. Another interesting fact that you may not know about Oxycodone is that 81% of the entire supply of Oxycodone in the world is being consumed in the United States. This is interesting to know especially because the U.S. only consist of 5% of the entire world population. The issue right now of Oxycodone abuse is now always and everywhere a high risk in various states in the United States.
  3. What people are also after when they use Oxycodone is the thrill and euphoric feelings they get when they increase the dose of their Oxycodone. The recreational effect that this gives makes Oxycodone such a dangerously appealing drug in the youth market.
  4. There are now numerous reports of death from the abuse of Oxycodone, especially in the United States. This fact is verified by various government statistics report.
  5. Oxycodone is made even riskier to use because of the other drugs people mix it with. Some of those drugs include Percocet, which is another painkiller. In the recent years, there have been changes in how Oxycodone is marketed and prescribed by doctors. The aggressive marketing behind the push of this drug for all people made it even more dangerous for the drug to be abused.
  6. Another interesting fact that you probably don’t know about Oxycodone is that as of today, there are about 53 million of oxycodone prescriptions made by doctors. This might be because doctors are being incentivized to sell drugs to anyone who wants it as the doctors get a commission for every prescription. There’s also no system regulating the United States when it comes to the prescription system from the doctors.

Summary and Conclusion

In this article, you learned some of the important trivia and facts about Oxycodone that you can use to make an enlightened decision whether to take this drug. There are many alternatives and creative solutions out there for pain before resorting to Oxycodone, and you may want to consider them first before using this drug. Otherwise, you could get addicted and find it hard to quick.